AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 3/03/2005 01:06:00 PM ----- BODY: Thanks for Nothing, John! - McCain-Feingold is coming to the blogsophere. FEC Commissioner Bradley Smith says there is action pending to regulate use of the Internet by campaigns. According to Smith:
Senators McCain and Feingold have argued that we have to regulate the Internet, that we have to regulate e-mail. They sued us in court over this and they won.
The regulations would be on use of information from a campaign or linking to a campaign. In other words, promoting a candidate as many of us did with Polipundit's Wictory Wednesday would be illegal, because we asked people to donate to or volunteer for the Bush campaign. There have been very few times when the right and left sides of the blogosphere have agreed on a particular issue. This should be one of them. Kos and Oliver Willis have just as much to lose as Blogs for Bush if McCain and Feingold get their way. The regulation of internet speech will effectively end McCain's chances for the Republican nomination in 2008. GOP voters are among the most loyal readers of blogs and recognize the vital role they played in the last presidential election. They will not look kindly on the senator's latest attempt to put government regulators in charge of what people can and cannot say. --------