AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 3/09/2005 07:26:00 AM ----- BODY: So What Is It You Do, Exactly? - That is one of my favorite lines from "Office Space," in which one of the consultants asks Tom Symkowski about his job. Symkowski mutters inanities about customer service that have no practical value to the company and the consultants decide his job is pointless and should be eliminated. The editors of the BDN would have made terrible consultants. In this editorial, they are attempting to prop up Mohamed ElBaradei, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. They snarkily insinuate that the Bush administration wants to fire ElBaradei because his report found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The BDN tells the Bush administration to leave ElBaradei alone becuase he's doing such a good job. How do we know this? Well, it's obvious. Anyone who says stuff like this must be incredibly effective:
His final step was to "acknowledge the volatility of long-standing tensions that give rise to proliferation, in regions such as the Middle East and the Korean peninsula, and take action to resolve existing security problems and, where needed, provide security assurances."
Wow. Be still my beating heart. What a man of action. The only action ElBaradei did that came close to being effective was his last-minute release of a report on missing munitions in Iraq that John Kerry and the media used as a club against the president in the final week of the campaign. I'm sure the timing on that report was just a coincidence. In the past four years, critics of the administration have blamed President Bush for souring relations with "the international community." Funny how none of those critics seem to notice how hostile the international community has been to the president, and how their actions are more harmful to US-world relations than anything President Bush has done. I guess for liberal editorial writers, blaming the president is a lot easier than giving up their illusions about the "utopia" of Europe. --------