AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 3/02/2005 12:15:00 AM ----- BODY: My White Whale - Think the Maine Christian Civic League is a reasonable organization, interested in working with legislators? Think again. The lack of respect shown the legislator willing to answer the League's questions in good faith is appalling. It shows that the problem with the MCCL goes much deeper than Michael Heath. The entire organization is dysfunctional. The MCCL gets most of its support from churches throughout the state of Maine. If you're a Christian who lives in Maine and you're tired of having ineffective representation of your views in Augusta, check this list to see if your church supports the League. If so, ask your pastor or board of elders to reconsider support for the MCCL. It's become obvious that Heath and the organization he leads are unwilling to change their tactics and an intervention of sorts is needed. Christians need to be involved with politics, but in a way that is effective and, more importantly, glorifies Christ. Alienating and insulting lawmakers does not meet either of these criteria. The League needs to change, and Christians need to force that change or withhold their support. I know I've been rather obsessive about this in recent days, but I consider this issue important enough to warrant multiple posts. Christians are not being well-represented in Augusta. It's time that we were. --------