AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 3/01/2005 12:41:00 AM ----- BODY: iTunes Gripe - I love iTunes. It's a fantastic way to purchase music that I use quite often. It's far from perfect, though. One of the more annoying glitches is the "Album Only" label that graces some songs. If I wanted to purchase the album, I wouldn't be on iTunes in the first place - the appeal is the ability to get one song at a time, legally. For some reason, there are record producers that insist on making some songs unavailable for individual purchase. That's a dumb decision. If people who use iTunes cannot purchase the song, some of them are going to acquire it through other programs in a way that doesn't compensate the artist. This doesn't mean I'm going to do that, by the way. But for anyone with a modem, it's an easy option. Those who make the decision to put some songs off-limits should realize a simple truth: the only people you're hurting are those who want to do the right thing. Everyone else will find the song whether you like it or not. Nice job, guys. --------