AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 3/11/2005 09:05:00 AM ----- BODY: Bush Hatred, Still - Wizbang has a post on an episode of Bush-hatred gone awry. A man in Florida chased a woman with a Bush-Cheney sticker on her car and tried to run her off the road. Here in deep blue Maine, I've seen a number of cars with their Kerry-Edwards stickers still prominently displayed. Other cars are practically plastered with anti-Bush slogans. I saw one today that said "George W. Bush: Worst 'President' Ever." Another car had the charming slogan "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" Advice to Democrats: you guys really have to get over this. The challenge to the president's legitimacy, the insults to religion, the childishness - this has been going on for five years. The schtick is getting pretty old. They've gone from maddening, to annoying, to just a bore. Like a bad party guest who keeps telling the same stupid story over and over. Bush cannot run for president again - it's time to start focusing your hatred on something else, maybe. Or better yet, start coming up with policies to actually counter the president instead of urging Democrats to simply oppose everything Bush does. And while I'm at it - enough with the bumper stickers. It's getting to be that I can tell a liberal just by looking at the back of their car from a distance. --------