AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/04/2005 01:27:00 PM ----- BODY: Wow - Janeane Garofalo has just proven me wrong. You see, I figured the depravity and venom of the angry left had just about hit rock bottom. As you can plainly see, I was completely off-base. Blogger and talk-show host Kevin McCullough was watching MSNBC and caught Garofalo comparing members of Congress holding up ink-stained fingers at the State of the Union to Nazis. I'm beginning to think we should just rename Godwin's Law to somehow include the ad hominem attacks that always make up Garofalo's rhetoric. Garofalo doesn't care that the members of Congress holding up purple fingers were in fact doing so to show solidarity with Iraqis who braved suicide bombers, mortars and bullets to cast a ballot last Sunday. Like a net flamer with more attitude than sense, Garofalo saw a chance to use the tired Nazi analogy again and went with it. Laziness doesn't even begin to describe her schtick. She does actually bring up the vote, only to say this about the Republicans with purple fingers: "as if they have solidarity with the Iraqis who braved physical threats against their lives to vote as if somehow these inked-fingered Republicans have something to do with that." Well, Jeneane, if it were up to you and your ilk, those Iraqis never would have had the chane to cast a ballot for anyone but Saddam Hussein. Garofalo opposed the liberation of Iraq:
I absolutely would not say that this war in Iraq is a just war. The Anglo-American war in Iraq has been going on for many years.
TONY SNOW: The Bush administration has been engaged in, I think you would concede, a pretty furious round of diplomatic negotiations. GAROFALO: I absolutely would not concede that at all. I would not concede that at all. SNOW: Well, how do you get 18 European nations on your side without picking up the phone and making some calls? GAROFALO: Well, yes, I guess it's a lot of coercion and arm-twisting. I would say...I would say that it has been the idea since 1990, '91 to go into Iraq and to have hegemony over the region, redraw the map. Oil is a part of it, not all of it. But 9/11 has been a way to reinvigorate the plan that the right-wingers and the ideologues and people like the people at the American Enterprise Institute and...
Snow stopped her here so we'll never know what conspiracy theory she was about to unleash. She doesn't want to face the fact that she was wrong about Hussein and wrong about the war. Like far too many in today's left, she's got her mind made up so don't confuse her with the facts. The left just cannot seem to admit that by voting in large numbers last Sunday, Iraqis just pulled the rug out from under all the anti-war arguments they've made for years. Maybe it's time for them to just be honest and form a new group: Liberals Against Freedom. --------