AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/25/2005 01:29:00 PM ----- BODY: What Economic Growth? - Today, the GDP numbers came out. The economy grew 3.8 percent. That is very good economic news. Now try to find that headline on It's not on the front page. So I scrolled down to the very end of the page and looked under "Business." Nope, not one of those headlines, either. So I clicked the link and got to the business page. Not the top story, not the second story...wait...there it is - a small subhead under the second headline. Maybe it's just CNN. So I clicked over to MSNBC. Top story: the pope's health. Side top, Academy Awards. Let's see...Also in the News: deaths in Iraq, deaths in Afghanistan, Hunter Thompson update, tsunami update, abduction...and there is the headline: "U.S. economic growth beats expectations." Next to last in the small-font section. Fox News - relegated to the "Latest Headlines" box. USA Today - Nothing. New York Times - Relegated to the small headline under a photo. Washington Post - Very small headline under "Business" that only says "Economic growth set at 3.8 percent." Nothing about it beating expectations. ABC thinks aliens are more important. No, not illegal immigrants. Little green men. (UPDATE: They've changed it since I posted this. Dang. Should have taken a screen shot.) At CBS, you have to scroll down to Business headlines to get the somewhat odd "US Economy bulks up." The media has decided - another month of economic growth is not news, I guess. --------