AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/10/2005 10:57:00 AM ----- BODY: The Source? - Nik Gowing is the BBC reporter who Chris Cramer and Eason Jordan seem to have gotten much of their 'evidence' from. It seems Mr. Gowing has a habit of accusing the militaries of various countries of targeting journalists:
A nerve in our business may just have snapped. Two days earlier in Southern Lebanon, Abed Takoush, another name known only in the news business was killed. Takoush was driving BBC correspondent Jeremy Bowen and his cameraman Malek Kenaan, a Lebanese freelance working for Reuters. Takoush was still inside his car when it was hit by an Israeli artillery shell. Or was he targeted and murdered in a final act of Israeli military spite?
That is a very serious accusation to throw into the public square. Where is Gowing's evidence? Probably hidden in the same place Cramer and Jordan keep theirs. The problem goes even deeper than Gowing, Cramer and Jordan, though. Philip Knightley, writing in the Media Guardian, says the following:
Brigadier General Vince Brooks, deputy director of operations, has told us the Americans do not target journalists. But some war correspondents do not believe him, and Spanish journalists have demonstrated outside the US embassy in Madrid shouting 'murderers'. I believe that the traditional relationship between the military and the media - one of restrained hostility - has broken down, and the US administration has decided its attitude to war correspondents is the same as that set out by President Bush when declaring war on terrorists: 'You're either with us or against us.'
This is the same propaganda Cramer and Jordan have been mouthing or condoning. Do these guys come up with any of their own material? --------