AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/02/2005 09:25:00 AM ----- BODY: SOTU - I have music practice tonight, but hope to be home in time to live-blog the State of the Union speech. I'm not normally a big fan of these speeches, regardless of who delivers them. With this speech, I'm more interested in the reactions than the speech itself. Will the Democrats sit on their hands during the inevitable standing ovation for Iraq? Will social conservatives go nuts after the president fails to mention the Federal Marriage Amendment? And who will be the mystery guest in the balcony? Soon, the Democrats have to make a decision whether they're going to be an obstructionist party or an opposition party. Obstructionism cost them their most effective leader in decades this last election season. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should really rethink their strategy and reign in their extremists. Most of all, though, stop letting Kennedy and Kerry get in front of cameras. UPDATE - Blogger has been acting flaky today, but I still hope to live-blog. But if there are no updates during the speech, you'll know why. --------