AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/15/2005 01:25:00 PM ----- BODY: Screed Alert - Sorry, folks. This one is going to be angry. As the lefty bloggers are fond of pointing out, they "got" Jeff Gannon. The former Talon News reporter quit after revelations of some sort were made about his past. But getting the man fired wasn't enough - they now seek to destroy him. I'm not going to post to the sites in question, because I don't want to give them traffic of any kind - but if Kos, Oliver Willis and Ameriblog had any shred of common decency, they would step back from their current actions and start some serious self-loathing. These 'intrepid' lefty bloggers are now making gutter-ball accusations against Gannon, accusing him of being a gay male prostitute and tax evader. These are serious charges for which they do seem to be finding some degree of scant evidence. Gannon has a strange background and perhaps never should have been given a White House press pass. But that doesn't excuse the vicious tearing down of a man who did little more than lob some softballs at the president or his press secretary once in awhile. The venom directed at Gannon is a direct result of the absolute, total, blind hatred for the president that the lefty bloggers have. Any treatment of the president that borders on the friendly is considered treason in their eyes. Next thing you know, they'll be going after Laura Bush for kissing her own husband in public. The obsession with Gannon only proves the hollow nature of their "victory" over removing him from the press pool at the White House. It's finally hit them that while they 'got' Gannon, conservatives have done much more. So they continue to harp on the story, finding out more and more details about the life of a man who deserves none of the persecution he's getting. Their behavior is beyond reprehensible. They're not journalists - they're little boys engaged in the rhetorical equivalent of pulling the wings off flies and burning ants with a magnifying glass. It's pain, not facts or truth, that these malcontents are interested in. Where are the honest liberals, the ones who are always beating up on conservatives for being intolerant and engaging in witch hunts? Where are the liberals asking these men to stop persecuting a man based on vague rumors of homosexuality? Instead of criticism, we get hundreds of comments on each Gannon post, encouraging the bloggers on toward more and more character assassination, pushing these men lower and lower into the swamps of their own disgusting obsession with a man who has done nothing to harm them. Congratulations, guys. Nice work. You should feel so proud of yourselves. --------