AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/18/2005 09:07:00 AM ----- BODY: Fraud Protection Act - Senator Hillary Clinton has many very bad ideas on 'reforming' the voting system and one very good idea. The good idea is to let ex-convicts who have paid their debt to society vote. Our justice system is built on the idea of rehabilitation, not punishment. Those who have served their sentences completely and are not on probation or suspended sentence should be reintroduced into society with the understanding that they are full citizens again - with all rights intact. This will take some trust on the part of society, but I believe that giving ex-convicts voting rights could help reduce the recidivism rate. If someone has served their sentence, gets out of jail and is still denied rights, they are de facto second-class citizens still being punished for crimes they committed in the past. It's wrong and should be changed. Visit Justice Fellowship for more information. Since Senator John Kerry is involved in this effort, there are also some bad ideas. Bad idea one - election day holiday. We don't need a new federal holiday. We had record turnout this year even though people had jobs and responsibilities. Bad idea two - making it harder to purge voters from old registration lists. That might as well be called the Fraud Protection Act. In Seattle, the names of dead voters were used to cast fraudulent ballots. People who live in New York but summer in Florida have admitted they vote in both states. It needs to be easier, not harder , to purge voters. Bad idea three - restricting the power of secretaries of state. The presidential election is a series of 50 state elections. The Constitution makes that explicit. This idea violates the 10th amendment and is simply revenge on Katherine Harris and Kenneth Blackwell. Petty and illegal - a twofer. I love this part of the story:
Clinton and other lawmakers pointed to Al Gore's narrow loss in Florida and John Kerry's defeat by 118,000 votes in Ohio - both states where Republicans control the top state office. "That's not the way a great country runs its elections," Clinton told reporters.
Which part? The fact that Republicans happen to hold the state offices or the fact that you guys didn't win those states. Criminy. Maybe this should be called the Fraud Protection and Revenge Act of 2005. Sore losers, indeed. --------