AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/08/2005 09:21:00 AM ----- BODY: Finally, Kurtz - Media reporter Howard Kurtz has written about Eason Jordan. Hugh Hewitt gives the story a C-. I think Hugh is being generous. Kurtz leaves out some important context - namely, that this isn't the first time Jordan has leveled such accusations against American soldiders, and that he has said the same thing about Israeli forces. Those comments show that Jordan didn't "misspeak." He's said this sort of thing before, and was just repeating a familiar refrain. The only difference is this time, he was called on it. And the media is protecting him. The New York Sun has a better story about "Eason's Fables," and provides the much-needed facts about Jordan's previous slanders of American and Israeli troops. This year, Americans may find out who Deep Throat, Woodward and Bernstein's source during the Watergate scandal, truly was. When Deep Throat dies and his identity is revealed, there will be much celebration over the media's triumph in the 1970s - the Washington Post helped lead the charge to break President Nixon's stonewall. Now reporters from that same newspaper are helping create and maintain a similar wall against the release of the truth. Self-preservation has taken precedence over journalistic integrity. Remember Kurtz's lazy reporting about Jordan when he writes about the Watergate scandal in a few weeks or months. This story helps confirm what we learned about the media during the CBS documents scandal - the reporters, editors and producers who comprise the major media cannot withstand the same scrutiny to which they routinely subject others. UPDATE - I corrected the grade Hugh gave the story. He actually gave it a C-. Still pretty generous. UPDATE II - LaShawn Barber has a great roundup of blogger reaction to Kurtz's story. --------