AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/02/2005 10:13:00 PM ----- BODY: Democratic Response - Why do they feel the need to tell stupid stories about how poor they and their parents were? A kid with a skateboard? Ugh. 10:14 - Already the 1920s "Evil Plutocrats" rhetoric begins. "A Marshall Plan for America." Just lost everyone who wasn't over 40 there, Harry. 10:15 - "Democrats believe every American should have a world-class education." Except if it means supporting school choice or private schools or homeschooling. Other than that, world class education at the approval of the unions for everything we do! 10:17 - "We won't let partisanship get in the way." Riiiight... 10:18 - Reid is talking about Social Security. Now you know why the president warned us against people who wanted to decieve about the issue. Reid's little chuckles are a little weird. He's trying to frame social security as a moral issue - sorry, bud. Red state voters want more than that. 10:20 - Gack. When are they going to give up on class warfare? Now, Nancy Pelosi. Woo Hoo! 10:21 - Optimism may define the American spirit, Nancy, but it sure doesn't define the modern Democratic party. 10:22 - Is it just me, or did Nancy just encourage the insurgency by overstating their effectiveness. Pelosi, they just tried to pass off a freaking GI JOE DOLL as a captured American soldier. That isn't exactly a sign of strength. You probably should have rewritten your speech after the Iraq vote. 10:24 - This is a downer of a speech. "Biological, chemical, nuclear weapons." But I thought WMD didn't exist. 10:26 - A second mention of God. Nice try, but it won't work. We know where you guys stand on the whole God thing. 10:27 - After all the talk about supporting the troops, it has to be pointed out that Pelosi voted against the $87 billion for the troops. Reid voted for it. It's a pretty easy fact to look up, so why were the Democrats dumb enough to let Pelosi make those statements? All in all, nice effort but pessimism and dour talk should never be the answer to optimism and hope. You'd think they would have learned this by now. --------