AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/24/2005 12:21:00 AM ----- BODY: Checking Up on the League - I recently heard a speaker at church who mentioned the Christian Civic League of Maine, so I decided to visit their website. The League has lost a great deal of political clout over the past few years thanks to the uncontrolled mouth of its executive director, Michael Heath, and the refusal of the organization's board to fire him. If you look over the League's online daily newspaper, you'll see a disturbing trend that I've mentioned again and again on this blog as something of an obsession with evangelical social conservatives - homosexuality. This is the issue that got Heath in so much trouble, and the League's single-minded focus on it will likely mean the end of what was once a fine organization. How obsessed are these guys with gays? One writer even took the recent injury of our governor and turned it into a post about how men were meant to marry women. Seriously. It has to be read to be believed - these guys couldn't just wish Governor Baldacci well, they had to throw in a little lecture. It's a disturbing display of ungraciousness. Personally, I think the League is finished as a political force in the state and will close its doors in the next few years. I would say such an event is unfortunate, but I wouldn't mean it. Better for Maine to have no Christian civic organization than have one with such warped priorities. --------