AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/01/2005 09:22:00 AM ----- BODY: Chairman Dean? - State Democratic leaders have backed Howard Dean for DNC chair, giving the former governor a boost in his bid to replace Terry McAuliffe. Robert Novak is reporting, though, that Democrat fundraisers are unhappy with the thought of Dean as chair. Personally, I think Dean would make a great chair. Yes, I'm serious. The man is articulate, passionate and obviously knows how to attract media attention. The big rap against him is that his passion didn't lead to any votes, but I think that's more a result of his political naivete than what he said during the campaign. John Kerry simply had a much more well-organized ground game in Iowa. I was just as amused as everyone else by "the scream," but think overall, Dean got a bad rap for that moment of...uh...exuberance. Of course, I joined the fray at the time by mixing Dean's speech with Metallica's "Enter Sandman." I would upload the results of that here, but Metallica has a history of suing fans. After the terrible reign of McAuliffe, Democrats need a guy who excites the base. I honestly think Dean is too smart a politician to depend on the Bush-hating left for his support. He's savvy enough, I think, to realize that Bush-hating has pretty much run its course and it's time for the Democrats to start coming up with policy solutions to counter the president's agenda rather than simply counting on vitriol and obstructionism to further their cause. I want to see the Democrats jettison the fringe left and become a serious political party again. I think Dean, despite his past forays into the fever swamps, is the man to do that. After all, only Nixon could go to China. So I think he should be elected chair of the Democratic National Committee, because the U.S. needs a strong two-party system. UPDATE: Oops. This doesn't bode well for the newer, friendlier Democratic party. --------