AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 2/11/2005 09:16:00 AM ----- BODY: BREAKING - Lefty Blogger notices Eason Jordan story (sort of):
Ann Coulter says that soldiers should shoot journalists. And we've actually got the video of her saying it, unlike some other folks.
If you can't tell from the snarky tone, the 'we versus you' phraseology and the overall transparent and desperate attempt to mine scandal from the words of a conservative, it's Oliver Willis. Oh, Smirky, you try so hard, but it's just not enough. As Ace so wonderfully points out (mild content warning), the best liberal bloggers have done lately is "taking out" an unknown internet reporter with conservative tendencies - Jeff Gannon. Meanwhile, the conservative side of the blogosphere is, in Ace's words, "waiting for Dan Rather to retire, and getting ready to force Eason Jordan into retirement as well." Vodkapundit points out that this journalism story is being treated a lot differently than that of Eason Jordan. Howard Kurtz has already done a story about Gannon, for example. Willis' cries of 'See! See! Ann Coulter does it too!' is just a pathetic attempt to take the spotlight off the media, his ideological bretheren. For Willis' sake, I'm going to look at the differences between Eason Jordan and Ann Coulter - first, Ann is not an executive at a worldwide news network. Second, Ann did not say her words in front of a foreign audience. Third, Ann did not accept congratulations from Arab media figures for his 'courage.' Fourth, Ann is an opinion journalist who often makes outrageous statements. And finally, Oliver, there's this - she was joking. Jordan was serious. Go find another anonymous journalist to hassle - Ann is a bit out of your league. --------