AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/28/2005 04:56:00 PM ----- BODY: Vermont is Nuts - The Vermont Human Rights Commission needs more to do. It has jumped on the bandwagon of criticizing the Vermont Teddy Bear Company's "Crazy for You" bear. From the story in the Burlington Free Press:
The controversial $69.95 teddy bear is dressed in a straitjacket and comes with commitment papers. It's part of Vermont Teddy Bear's line of Valentine's Day products. Company officials say the bear is a light-hearted attempt to help men who are crazy in love with their partners to express their feelings. Advocates, lawmakers and others say the bear is insensitive toward people struggling with mental illness and have demanded the company remove the bear from the market. Vermont Teddy Bear has vowed to keep selling the bear through Valentine's Day. Robert Appel, Vermont Human Rights Commission executive director, sent a letter Thursday to Vermont Teddy Bear President Elisabeth Robert criticizing the bear. "Perhaps most disturbing to me is the apparent lack of understanding by your company of the real hurt and emotional turmoil your continued marketing of this stereotypical and stigmatizing product causes for those who have suffered from psychiatric conditions, along with their loved ones," Appel wrote.
The 'controversial' bear? The most controversial thing about this bear is the $70 price tag. This is a silly controversy and shows that some people are just looking to be offended. --------