AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/27/2005 08:30:00 AM ----- BODY: A Petty Rant - When I read it on Andrew Sullivan's site, I asked myself whether it was worth the trouble of commenting. It was a silly little comment, a trifle compared to the whoppers Sullivan has been throwing out lately. But now I've got blogger's block and I can't figure out what to rant about. So, Sullivan it is:
OSCAR SANITY: Kudos to the academy for ignoring the execrable "Fahrenheit 9/11" and the pornographic "Passion." Right-wing and left-wing ideologues will be disappointed. But what do they know about art?
Like I said, a silly comment, but so telling of what is wrong with Sullivan of late - notice he doesn't include himself in either of the extremes. No, he's an enlightened one, above all of the partisanship that has infested our culture. Sullivan thought the passion was "pornographic" because of the violence contained in it. He conveniently ignores the fact that this violence actually happened and that "The Passion" is the first movie to truly display the torment that Jesus endured to die for our sins. The timing of Sullivan's disdain for a religious movie came at about the same time religous conservatives started to lobby for the Federal Marriage Amendment. The problem with Sullivan is that he refuses to acknowledge his true reason for turning on the Bush administration. It isn't about "torture" or overspending - it's completely about gay marriage. Other bloggers have pointed this out ad nauseum, but it's a conceit of Sullivan's to pretend there are loftier reasons for his breaking with the Bush administration and his endorsement of John Kerry. Given Sullivan's sexual orientation, I can understand why the issue is so important to him. But disdain for a particular policy issue is no excuse for his snarkiness. I liked "The Passion." I thought, despite the violence, that it was a beautifully-shot movie. The Academy, contrary to what Sullivan states, seemed to agree, as they nominated it for a cinematography award. Sullivan's east coast snob is showing, and it isn't pretty. I'm not sure why I keep checking his site - habit, nostalgia, whatever. I really should stop soon, though. The aggravation isn't worth it. --------