AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/14/2005 08:21:00 AM ----- BODY: Pettiness as Political Philosophy - Now they're whining about the cost of the inaugural festivities. The AP story linked is an embarrassment - it's practically a DNC press release. How about doing a story detailing what the money George Soros donated to various liberal 527s would have purchased? Needless to say, we likely would not see this level of examination if a President Kerry were being inaugurated. The Democrats ran the last campaign as though Bush-hatred was enough to convince a majority of Americans that John Kerry would make a good president. They did not engage the electorate with ideas or policy proposals - they simply threw mud at the president and waited for us to vote him out of office. It didn't work. As Michael Barone noted after the election, love was stronger than hate. One would think they would have learned this lesson after losing the presidency and losing seats in both houses of Congress. It seems, though, that the ass is an appropriate mascot for the current crop of Democrats - stubborn insistence on losing strategies is the new mantra of a dying party. The first evidence of this particular learning disability came on election night, when John Kerry refused to concede until the next day, thus setting the stage for the ridiculous spectacle of trying to turn Ohio 2004 into Florida 2000. Accepting defeat was not an option - they had to continue the victimization myth that had done nothing for them in 2002. The next indication came when the new talking point about Bush's win was released - 51 percent was 'not a mandate.' It was basically a tie, they argued. Nevermind that a Democrat candidate hasn't won over 50 percent of the vote since Lyndon Johnson. History is irrelevant to spin. The total number of Bush votes would eventually reach 61 million, more than the entire population of France. The recount in Ohio, and the Kerry campaign's role in it, was the next Democrat attempt to continue the losing strategy of Bush-hatred. The recount gave Kerry an additional 300 votes or so. Then came the counting of the electoral votes in Congress. For the first time in decades, the electors of a state were challenged and over 30 Democrats voted to disenfranchise 62 million voters by trying to throw out the results of a presidential election. Some Democrats realized, too late, that the party was heading over a cliff at this point but did nothing substantive to stop Senator Barbara Boxer from pursuing the challenge. And now the inauguration. A proud tradition of over 200 years has now been reduced to yet another opportunity for the Democrats to throw venom at the president of the United States. There's nothing wrong with protesting the inauguration, but this attempt to turn the cost into some sort of national scandal, while ignoring real scandals, is an outrage. The media's complicity in this shows they too, have learned nothing from recent history. Republicans have finally gotten smart and are, for the most part, saying nothing while the Democrats flail against the president. They've finally taken to heart an old political maxim: never interrupt your enemy while he's in the process of destroying himself. The Democrats are losing the middle in their attempts to keep the fringe. And they'll suffer for it, again, in 2006. Sit back, grab a cold drink, and enjoy the show. It's going to be an interesting four years. --------