AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/05/2005 08:41:00 PM ----- BODY: Never Thought I'd Say This... - Al Gore has more class than John Kerry. Even though Gore helped make our politics more bitter by contesting the Florida vote, he at least had the decency to keep his fellow Democrats from raising a fuss during the counting of the electoral vote in Congress. John Kerry sent out an email today to his supporters saying that while he would not contest the vote, he plans to ensure 'every vote is counted' in the future. His email also insinuates there was something wrong with the Ohio vote. Remember that gracious concession speech the day after the election? Nope, neither do I. UPDATE - TKS is reporting that Boxer isn't completely decided on a challenge yet. Harry Reid is reportedly counseling against it. Most pundits on National Review agree to challenge the electoral vote given Bush's margin of victory would be an extremely stupid move. They're partisan, but there are some good thoughts. The Democrats have to start thinking about the future instead of simply obsessing on the past. Indulging themselves now may please the tinfoil hat brigade, but the repercussions of such a serious move, given the president's margin of victory, could cost the Democrats more Senate seats in red states come 2006. --------