AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/31/2005 09:08:00 AM ----- BODY: Goldberg on Yesterday's Elections - Jonah Goldberg has some words for the critics of Iraq Democracy, especially Ted Kennedy:
Which brings me to an important detour: Is there a more execrable, horrid parody of an American statesman alive today than Ted Kennedy? Yes, yes, of course he's a joke; a family name wrapped around a bundle of appetite, cynicism, and asininity. But he matters precisely because his party and the media imbue him with a moral stature now wholly severed from the admirable traditions and ideas we associate with the president who swore we would pay any price and bear any burden to defend the survival of liberty.
The Democrat party, as a whole, dropped the ball yesterday. They missed an opportunity to celebrate the freedom of a nation and some, like John Kerry, actively sniped against it. There are those on the left, such as Smirky McSnark (better known as Oliver Willis), who have tried to diminish yesterday's election by recounting all of the terrible things America has done in the past. (Visit link at your own risk - the site contains both profanity and silly ideology) For a group of people who like to call themseves 'progressives,' these folks really are pretty good at looking in the rearview mirror. America has made terrible mistakes in the past, often in the name of "stability." In his inaugural address, though, President Bush made it clear that such a policy would no longer govern the foreign policy of the United States. In their fervor against the president's use of religious language in the speech, liberals seem to have missed the fact that President Bush just stole their best lines and is on his way to becoming what Jimmy Carter only pretends to be - a president that cares deeply about the human rights of those around the world. --------