AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/28/2005 09:13:00 AM ----- BODY: Fix the Glitch - In the movie "Office Space," one of the funniest characters is a poor-complexioned, mumbling wallflower named Milton, played by Stephen Root. When the consultants hired to streamline Initech, the movie's workplace setting, they realize Milton is not actually an employee of the organization but has been receiving a paycheck due to a glitch in the payroll computer. The consultants have a novel idea. They don't fire Milton ("We like to avoid confrontation whenever possible.") but they do "fix the glitch" and stop Milton's pay. I thought of this movie when I read that those CBS employees who were asked to resign over Rathergate refuse to leave. CBS seems somewhat powerless to stop them and can't seem to bring themselves to fire these employees whose actions and lack of responsibility led to the most embarrassing moment CBS News has ever faced. Perhaps instead of fighting this with lawyers and executives, CBS should just "fix the glitch." Of course, at the end of the movie Milton set the Initech building on fire... --------