AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/12/2005 01:41:00 PM ----- BODY: 'Bloggermann' Returns - Keith Olbermann finally returns to the keyboard to tackle a journalistic scandal. Nope, not that one. Olbermann is fired up about Armstrong Williams, the commentator paid by the Department of Education to promote the No Child Left Behind Act. Olbermann mentions the documents scandal only to say that it in no way overshadows the pernicious, evil and yes, unprecedented, behavior of Williams and the Bush administration. Blog-boy is obviously pretty ticked that he wasn't offered a quarter-mil from anyone. In discussing the Williams fiasco, Olbermann throws in this little gem:
Then there is Sinclair Broadcast Group. The 39-station conglomerate - still infamous over its transformation of some Swift Boat Veterans' malarkey into "news"...
Jeez, what a jerk and yet what proof of just how badly the Swift Vets hurt liberals. Olbermann just cannot resist throwing out the insult. Of course, he's never actually shown a desire to actually report "news" so I guess it's no shocker that he doesn't recognize it when it comes along. Olbermann then continues trying to whip the Williams story into a bona fide scandal that he can blog about now that the election has been certified and his conspiracy theory moonbat brigade have all gone back to the DU discussion boards. In full Joe McCarthy mode, Olbermann says there are "others" who have received funds from the government to promote programs and looks forward to a congressional investigation. Then, obviously feeling as though he's not far enough into the fever swamps, Olbermann offers another pearl of wisdom:
But the Williams revelations do remind me that I've always wondered how some of the monolithic, elaborate websites, especially conservative ones with a million links, have managed to stay afloat financially, and if somebody in government wasn't supplying them with more than just hot news flashes.
Yup. All of us conservative bloggers are nothing more than hogs at the big government money trough. Especially the big ones. How about this for a reason? Conservative bloggers don't make all that much money from the blogs and don't depend on them as a sole source of income - most actually have these things called 'jobs.' The blog thing is just a hobby. Olbermann concludes his little hate-fest by attacking Bill O'Reilly. Now, I find O'Reilly a bit annoying. He was once great, but is growing a bit too egoistic to watch. Still, though, is this really necessary?
The man who moved from falafels, loofahs, and $60,000,000 dollar lawsuits over sexual harassment charges, to becoming the self-appointed holy protector of Christmas, has now taken off on another flight of delusion of grandeur. He's attacked Saturday's tsunami relief telethon on NBC and its owned cable networks (like MSNBC). The other night, O'Reilly told his semi-comatose viewers: "A national TV telethon will raise millions and 'The Factor' will be watching to see if the money gets to the tsunami victims. If it does not, there will be trouble."
First of all, puck-brain, get thee to a copy of "The Elements of Style." Trust me. Second, I don't think the consciousness or lack therof of his viewers is what's really bothering Blog-Boy. I think it's that no matter what state O'Reilly's viewers are in, the fact is that there are a lot more of them. I give the show six more months. Maybe. Without the Monica story in the headlines, though, I wonder who Olbermann is going to blame for this show's failure? --------