AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/19/2005 08:13:00 AM ----- BODY: Avoiding Disaster - There has been more violence in Iraq as the elections get closer. During the campaign, the cry of the Democrats was to give the United Nations a bigger role in the election process. Once again, events in that country have shown the wisdom of the president and the weakness of his critics.
Carlos Valenzuela, the chief U.N. election adviser in Iraq, said the intimidation of electoral workers by guerrillas seeking to derail this month's balloting is "high and very serious." But Valenzuela told reporters Tuesday that only a sustained onslaught by insurgents or the mass resignation of electoral workers will prevent this month's national elections from going ahead.
Thanks for the idea, Carlos. Now that the terrorists know what it will take to disrupt elections, maybe they'll try it. After suffering losses in a car bomb attack, the UN cut and run from Iraq after the war. Given their disagreement with the effort in the first place, it seemed as though they were looking for an excuse, and terrorists gave them one. Now the UN is giving terrorists a blueprint - how to disrupt the election process. There will be more attacks as the elections grow closer. The 'insurgents' know that once people take the levers of power themselves, the effectiveness of terror is weakened. What the UN should have said is what President Bush has been saying all along - no matter what happens, people will vote on January 30. The terrorists will get no victory. The UN should not have given them encouragement. --------