AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 1/12/2005 10:29:00 AM ----- BODY: Armstrong and Crazy Blog Money - Just realized that I forgot to blog about Armstrong Williams and his big payday from the Department of Education. My thoughts on the controversy can be summed up rather quickly - what the DoE and Williams did was stupid. Do I make any money from the blog? A miniscule amount from Google Ads, but I haven't seen any of that yet. The main reason I'm getting involved with them is that I think there's real revenue potential in the future and thought getting in on the ground floor was important. It's more of a business move than any serious attempt to make the blog pay. The blog helped me get a column - but that job is more the result of knowing someone than being discovered. It just made giving a writing sample very simple. If bloggers or commentators take money to promote ideas, they should disclose the money and the source. --------