AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/01/2004 09:55:00 AM ----- BODY: Wictory Wednesday - There are still campaigns going on in the state of Lousiana, and Polipundit has the details. That is one truly odd election system they have down there. Speaking of elections, the chances of Ohio going to Kerry are nonexistent. He's picked up an additional 52,126 votes among the provisionals. That still leaves Bush with a lead of over 125,000 votes. Looks as though the moonbats are going to have to find another battleground - Ohio is no Florida 2000. Heck, Florida '04 is no Florida '00. I really hope one of the president's initiatives this term is to reform our election system. The changes made between 2000 and 2004 were stupid and didn't prevent fraud from happening. The idea of provisional ballots is one of the more exceptionally ridiculous concepts ever devised by politicians. If people want to become involved in the political process and vote, they have years to register and figure out where their polling place is located. Voting should be more than about just showing up and casting a ballot - there are responsibilities involved for those who want to participate in our politics. Provisional ballots pander to the ignorant and apathetic among us. To minimize fraud, voters should be required to have a photo identification. All of the arguments that the Democrats throw out about how such a move would intimidate minority voters are just so much hot air and show the perpetual habit that party has of living in the past instead of the present. People are required to show IDs to get on a plane, use a credit card or join the gym. Why shouldn't the same requirement hold for voting? Anything else invites fraud, and everytime a fraudulent ballot is cast, a legal voter is disenfranchised. Those who have been caught committing fraud should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. At present, voter fraud is considered a small crime, when in fact it is a felony. It should be treated as such. Nothing irritates me more than seeing some moron who's just voted twice tee-heeing on television about his or her 'mistake.' Seeing perpetuators of fraud thrown in jail would discourage future incidences of the crime. Groups like ACT and ACORN should be the first investigated this election season - what happened in some battleground states with people registering "Mary Poppins" and "Mickey Mouse" on behalf of those liberal 527s is disgraceful. Since the fraud occurred in different states under the umbrella of the same organization, why not start prosecuting under the RICO statues? If those laws are flexible enough to prosecute pro-life groups in addition to the mafia, why shouldn't they be used to crack down on organized cases of fraudlent voter registration and vote-casting? These groups, willingly or not, were engaged in and paying people for, illegal behavior. Throwing a few of the leaders in jail would show the seriousness of the offense. Hey, maybe while we're at it...has anyone seen George Soros? His money helped pay for the crime...okay, maybe that won't work - but it's certainly a fun thought. --------