AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/06/2004 01:23:00 PM ----- BODY: Story of the Day - Wizbang links to a story by the Boston Herald about how the city's bus drivers spend their time:
Hub school bus drivers use city vehicles to sleep, shop and read while on the clock, the Herald has found. And while the newspaper observed taxpayer-supported wheelmen whiling away hours at a time on side streets and tucked-away parking lots without a student in sight, some of the wasted time might well be legal, school officials say.
The story has it all - lazy workers hiding behind union rules, a helpless government spokesman trying to downplay the findings of the paper, and a great picture of a bus driver asleep behind the wheel of his bus while on the clock. I really cannot wait for the Howie Carr show tonight to see what he's got to say about this. The word "hacks" may come up. Some relaxation at work doesn't bother me. People at work take time to eat snacks, check the news or their email, or blog. I can't get angry at a bus driver who has nothing to do at that moment picking up a book to pass the time or getting a cup of coffee. But if they are goofing off when they're supposed to be actually doing something, that's a disservice to the taxpayers who are supporting the service. --------