AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/13/2004 09:47:00 AM ----- BODY: Sore Loserman, Part II - Kerry's campaign (it's telling such a thing still exists) is asking elections officials in Ohio to look at 93,000 "undervotes" when they recount the ballots in that state. Even if all 93,000 of those votes went to Kerry, that would still leave President Bush with a 25,000 vote lead. Captain's Quarters (to whom a hat tip is owed on this story) has some good thoughts on why Kerry is doing this. To its credit, Ohio is standing firm against Kerry and his attempts to either steal the election or delegitimize the Bush presidency. These actions by the former Democrat candidate show that Kerry is not a patriot. Yup, I'm questioning his patriotism. A patriot is defined as "one who loves, supports, and defends one's country." Kerry may tell himself that his actions fall under that definition, becuase he loves the country enough to ensure that every citizen has their vote counted or some such puerile crap. A true patriot, however, would love his country enough to concede gracefully (wait, I thought he already did that!) and respect the election process. Kerry obviously is not such a man. His backdoor attempts to challenge the results of the election show that he doesn't care how much damage he's doing to the election process. He just wants to win. It also shows that he's a coward. If he wanted to mount a true challenge, he should have done it by now, instead of pretending to be statesmanlike just after the election while having every intent of contesting the results. The "flip-flopper" once again wants to have it both ways - seeming gracious while acting in a contrary fashion. Al Gore did serious damage to the election process in 2000. John Kerry wants to continue Gore's pernicious legacy, but with nuance. No matter what route Kerry takes, he still wants to achieve the same result - damage the other party at the expense of trashing our political process. --------