AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/22/2004 08:30:00 AM ----- BODY: Seen on MSNBC - A rocket attack on a mess hall has the worst news network on television asking whether the insurgents are winning. It's a ridiculous question that could only be asked by a media who want the effort in Iraq to fail. It seems to me that if the insurgents are attacking mess halls and resorting to terrorist attacks, it's not a sign of confidence. Another stupid question asked on MSNBC and in the major media is whether Iraq is secure enough to hold elections at the end of next month. I think that if those elections are held and people show up to vote, it will be a major blow to the terrorists. The insurgents had a success, and American troops died. That's what happened yesterday. The media, and especially MSNBC, should be ashamed of their attempts to turn a single attack into a sign of defeat for American forces. --------