AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/03/2004 01:33:00 AM ----- BODY: A Man the Left Should Meet - Since the re-election of President Bush, some liberals have been using wild rhetoric to describe the country's condition under the Bush administration. The moonbat brigade at Democratic Underground have talked about moving to Canada, as they don't want their children to be "raised in a fascist regime." They truly believe they have lost rights and will lose more under President Bush. To these people, we are living in an era of persecution and fear of the government reigns. These people should meet Pastor Lisitsina. Last night, a group from our church went to the airport to meet Pastor Lisitsina's flight. A bonus of the evening was getting to applaud a group of soldiers that were there on a layover as they headed back home to Ohio. After the pastor's plane came in, we all went to the house of a church member for tea and dessert. It was late, but it seems to be a Russian custom to drink caffeinated beverages and talk until long past bedtime. At least, that's what they did to us when we visited their country, so we figured it was payback time. It was a great evening. As his daughter translated, Pastor Lisitsina talked about the church in Russia and being a believer in the former Soviet Union. In those years, the government did everything it could to destroy the church. Churches were made to register with the government. Children were forbidden to attend. No one could be baptized or read the Bible. Distributing Christian literature was forbidden. The KGB would routinely interrupt any Christian gathering, whether it was a wedding or a group of friends having tea. Pastor Lisitsina and his fellow believers were thrown in prison for their faith, and suffered under the rule of the Communists. Their faith in God got them through those terrible years, and now churches in the Bryansk region flourish. Every time the left whines about persecution or living under a fascist government, they diminish the faith and courage of those who have truly survived the ridicule and tyrannical rule of a hostile government. With their rhetoric, the left has defined persecution as anything they don't like. In doing so, they are corrupting the language. Words stop meaning one thing when they are used to describe everything. Those who use strong words to invent stories of woe should talk to someone who has truly lived under a regime that routinely imprisoned, tortured and murdered its citizens. The lack of historical perspective liberals have shown over the past few years is almost as appalling as the rhetoric they have used. If they took the time to talk to men of courage like Pastor Lisitsina, they would be ashamed of their adoption of the language of suffering. Of course, that assumes they are capable of shame. Given their behavior lately, that may be an assumption based in false hope. --------