AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/07/2004 10:09:00 AM ----- BODY: "Go Canadian" - Ashamed of your home country? Afraid of being yelled at by rude foreigners? Don't like being part of the most prosperous, free and open society on earth? T-shirtKing has a solution for you! This brings up an interesting question - is it okay to question the patriotism of those who want to disassociate themselves from this country so badly that they'll lie about who they are? When I was in Russia, it was the summer of 2003. The Iraq war had started a few months before and tensions were high between American and Russian diplomats. Did I pretend to be Canadian so that I would be liked by the Russians I met? Nope. When someone asked what country I was from, I told them the truth: "Ya Amerikanets" - I am an American. Liberals seem to believe that if someone doesn't like Americans, it's our fault. I believe that if I tell someone I'm an American, and they respond badly, it tells me more about what type of person they are than what type of country I call my home. My favorite memory of my time in Russia, one I've recounted before on this blog, is when our group was at a park in Bryansk. When the people at the park found out we were Americans, they came to speak to us. I got an understanding of what zoo animals go through - we were asked many questions about America and what it's like to live here. They didn't hate America. They may have disagreed with the actions of the Bush administration, but those opinions didn't translate to a hatred of us. It was a fun night. Liberals who celebrate America-hatred as a form of protest against the Bush administration quite simply put their personal ideology before their love of country. They love America only when America does what they want, and that's a sad commentary on the type of people that make up the modern opposition party here in the United States. I would say we should ship them all to Canada, but don't wish that on our northern neighbors. For the most part, Canadians are amiable people. Why subject them to American liberals? --------