AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/02/2004 03:15:00 PM ----- BODY: The Face of Hate - MoveOn's founders. The organization plans to keep fighting, according to a story on MyWayNews. (Hat tip: Blogs for Bush). This is bad news for the Democrats, but good news for Republicans who want to keep winning elections. MoveOn is one of the most-hyped and least effective political organizations in recent memory. (scroll down until you reach "MoveOn: Kiss of Death?") One of the great untold stories of this election was how MoveOn poll workers engaged in outright electioneering at polling places, often setting up shop either too close or right inside buildings where people voted. In other words, breaking the law with the full cooperation of liberal election officials. MoveOn has been a failure from the beginning. They were founded to prevent the impeachment of President Clinton. They were unsuccessful in getting people to vote against pro-impeachment representatives. They failed at getting Al Gore elected. They failed in the 2002 elections. They failed to prevent the Iraq war. And this year, they failed to help John Kerry. Their existence, though, has proven a boon to the Republicans. The GOP base was energized by disgust for the leftist organization and its extreme tactics against the president. It's good to see them continuing their secret campaign to help conservatives maintain control of the government. Where was Karl Rove when MoveOn started? Hmmm... --------