AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 12/06/2004 10:49:00 PM ----- BODY: BDN Childishness - I meant to post about this earlier, but got busy toward the end of the day. Today's Bangor Daily News print edition has a headline that says tax changes proposed by the Bush administration will "punish" blue states. The story isn't in the online edition - I saw the headline on a copy at work. The change in tax policy is one that affects the ability of taxpayers to take a credit for their state income taxes. The reason it affects 'blue state' voters more is because those states that vote Democratic tend to have higher state tax rates than the red states. The BDN's headline made it sound as though the Bush administration is pursuing a tax policy that punishes those who didn't vote for him. In other words, the headline writer misrepresented what's in the story to take a cheap shot at the president. This election year, the editorial board endorsed Kerry and the Democrats in a Bush-bashing editorial. I guess they're still angry that Bush won. I figured that after the election, journalists who threw credibility to the wind in order to help Kerry would come to their senses and try to regain the trust of the public. Guess I was wrong about that one. --------