AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 11/03/2004 09:02:00 AM ----- BODY: Winners and Losers - It's all over but the whining. Bush will take Ohio and its 20 electoral votes to win the election. This has been a long, revealing election season and there are some definite winners and losers. The first winner is obvious:
President Bush and the GOP: He did it. Not only did he win decisively in the EC, but he pulled off a nearly 4-million popular vote win. This, despite years of pure hatred directed at him by the media, entertainment and political spheres. Congratulations, Mr. President. Hugh Hewitt: Powerline has written a complimentary post about Hugh and the hard work he did in this election season. He was cheerleader, policy wonk and stern taskmaster all at once, and he deserves credit for rallying the troops. Swift Boat Vets for Truth: Derided by the media, slimed by the Kerry campaign and the Democrats, these old soldiers didn't give up and gave better than they got. In August, when Kerry was beginning to build momentum against the president, these guys came out and planted doubts in voters' minds about the senator from Massachusetts. One of the vets has been quoted as saying a "Kerry defeat will be the welcome home parade we never had." Enjoy the celebration, gentlemen. Blogs: Duh. The big guys, PowerLine, Little Green Footballs, Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit. These guys acted as watchdogs to the major media, especially CBS and the New York Times (more about them later). Were it not for the internet brigade, the media would have gotten away with their false attacks against the president and influenced the election. Times have definitely changed.
Now, to the other side of the ledger. Those who have diminished in stature this election seasons and win the Slublog designation of loser: (yeah, like this'll break their hearts...)
MSM: The mainstream media blew it, and it has cost them. Their guy, John Kerry, lost the election despite having an unprecedented amount of positive coverage. The media ignored good news in Iraq, elections in Afghanistan, talked down the economy, used fake documents and questionable sources in anti-Bush stories, and generally made complete horse's asses of themselves. The effects are already apparent - declining circulation and ratings and a general sense by the American people that the media just can't be trusted. CBS and the New York Times are worse offenders than most, and deserve every cancelled paper and advertiser they get. John Kerry: This guy's a loser and not making his reputation any better by (at the time of this writing: 9:41 a.m. EST) refusing to concede the bleedin' obvious - he lost the election. The Democrats made a big mistake this election season with their assumption that everyone hated Bush as much as they did, and choosing a truly unlikable candidate to carry the banner. If they had picked someone the base could get enthused about, we may have had much different results. Angry Left: This contingent has fair representation where I work. One of my co-workers was saying this election won't be good for the "boys" in Iraq but it will be great for "rich people." Needless to say, I've tried to lay low and mute my enthusiasm, which isn't too hard considering how tired I am. The Michael Moore/ Soros/Democratic Underground left lost big yesterday, and haven't learned a damn thing. They are already beginning the whisper campaign - making allegations of fraud, voter intimidation, etc. The Democrat party simply cannot afford to keep pandering to the angry left. The long-term prospects of the party will be damaged beyond repair if the Dems keep up the intensity of their Bush-hatred. It's time for the party leaders to dump those who have been fostering this lingering rage and get to work creating a majority party. The loss last night of the White House, the Congress and some down-ticket races is devastating to a party that still hasn't gotten used to being out of power. They should give up the victimization act and start doing the hard work necessary to start winning elections again. Exit Polls and Pollsters: I predicted Bush would win the EC 285 to 253. It looks like he will win 286 to 252. I did that based on hunches and the aggregate poll results I found on the web. Zogby, with all of his sophisticated equipment and polling prowess, predicted a 311-227 Kerry win. That's right, I beat Zogby. (What's a blog for if you can't brag a little?) The exit polls and the resulting media commentary on election day may have affected the election a bit. The exit polls turned out to be scandalously wrong. The media should seriously look at getting rid of these pollsters. They are not getting their money's worth at all. These guys were wrong, wrong, wrong and the media has egg on its collective face because of it. How about, you know, actually counting the vote before calling a race?
So there it is, the winners and losers of the 2004 election, as best as I can make out with my sleep-deprived brain. --------