AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 11/23/2004 08:17:00 AM ----- BODY: Whiny Codger Alert - Bitter old commentator Andy Rooney has his own explanation of why Bush won:
Speaking at Tufts University on Thursday night, CBS's Andy Rooney attributed the motivation behind CBS's hit on President Bush based on forged documents to the political agenda of CBS News staffers. "There's no question they wanted to run it because it was negative towards Bush," the Tufts Daily's Keith Barry quoted Rooney as revealing during his remarks. Rooney shares that ideological hostility to Bush, as Barry related how "Rooney also attributed voters' reliance on religion in the recent election to ignorance" and "said Christian fundamentalism is a result of 'a lack of education. They haven't been exposed to what the world has to offer.'" In addition, "Rooney said he also could not understand how 'men who work with their hands voted for George Bush' and again attributing the phenomenon to a lack of education."
Isn't this great? If you disagree with the obvious towering intellect of Andy Rooney, you suffer from a 'lack of education.' If you're a Christian, same thing. If you're a Republican working man or woman, ditto. For a guy who seems to think he's so far above the rest of us, Rooney is amazingly uncreative in his explanations for Republican voting patterns. Maybe Rooney should leave his comfortable liberal enclave once in awhile and see what the middle and south of his own country has to offer. It would do him some good to actually walk into a church and meet some of the Christians he so quicky disparages as uneducated louts. I'd be more than happy to meet with him and invite him to my church. For the record, I am a Christian, but contrary to his stereotype, I have a Master's degree in public administration. My wife? Also a Christian. Working toward her Master's in nursing. We've both been overseas, to Russia and have hopes of visiting Europe again, or perhaps taking a trip to Africa. I have also visited Mexico and Canada, as well as at least 30 of the 50 states of this Union. In my church, I can name three doctors, two engineers, one financial advisor and a magician. Our pastor lived in another country and is bilingual. My circle of friends includes people in education, social work, youth ministry and other social service organizations. When Rooney portrays us as uneducated, he's showing his own ignorance and giving us yet another reason to avoid CBS News. Once again, I make the offer: come see us, Mr. Rooney. Put your alleged open-mindedness to the test. You might learn something. Hat tip: Wizbang --------