AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 11/12/2004 08:21:00 AM ----- BODY: Never Surrender - The Democrats, in discussion boards and on the major networks, refuse to give up the idea that John Kerry and John Edwards lost the election. Keith Olbermann, especially, is pounding away at the non-story of voting irregularities and fraud. None of the Democrat leadership is going anywhere near this story, as they know who perpetuates most of the election fraud in this country. Personally, I don't think Olbermann and his tinfoil hat brigade want John Kerry to be president. All they want is to create the whiff of illegitmacy to taint the second term of Bush's presidency. They care more about power than the integrity of the electoral process or people's trust in it. Denied a Florida 2000 scenario, they are trying desperately to create one from whole cloth. If it weren't so serious, the attempts would seem almost comical. Actually, you know what? It's still pretty darn comical. Imagine the misguided optimism that has to drive someone to believe a 130,000 vote margin in Ohio, a 300,000 vote margin in Florida and a 3,500,000 vote margin nationwide can be overcome with some good PR and a few lawyers. What we're seeing is the angry left counting on a close election, getting fired up for a protracted recount, and then having their fun taken away by the voters. It's definitely the fringe - I heard James Carville on the radio this morning saying they'd been beat, and commending Karl Rove. I think they should keep these investigations up and keep the fires burning. Maybe even get a few more stories into the mainstream media, who to their credit, are treating the cries of the angry left as a bunch of conspiracy theories. I want the sore loser taint to cling to the Democrats all the way through 2008, when we can tromp them again. It was the ghosts of Florida that helped Dems lose in 2002 and this year. Maybe we can keep that boogeyman alive and keep winning elections. As long as Democrats keep looking over their shoulders at the past, they'll keep tripping over the struggles of the present and losing elections. --------