AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 11/03/2004 04:18:00 PM ----- BODY: The Future of Bush Hatred - I work in a predominantly liberal workplace. This morning, my co-workers were understandably glum about the election results. A common theme ran through the comments I heard: "I don't know how we'll survive another four years." My co-workers seemed to believe that Bush was going to make it part of his nefarious agenda to kill more "kids" in Iraq, cut all social spending and maybe kick a puppy or two for fun. Okay, I made that last part up. As I said earlier this morning, the Democrats have a real problem in the Angry Left, the "Anybody But Bush" crowd, the types. This constituency may have helped cost them the election by giving social conservatives a reason to go to the polls yesterday. The thought of having Michael Moore sitting at the inauguration of a President John Kerry was a hideous enough thought to most Republicans and probably helped fuel yesterday's huge turnout. Some Democrats may be tempted to placate the Angry Left and maybe emulate them to build a "liberal majority" in the United States. That would be a mistake. If this were as liberal a country as Michael Moore likes to pretend, Bush never would have received 3 million more votes than Kerry. Die-hard liberals make up a minority of this country, as do truly rabid conservatives. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the fringe of the party took over this year. They would be wise to excise them. A good start would be to remove Terry McAuliffe from the leadership of the Democratic National Committee. The man is a failure and a barrier to civil political discourse. The insanity and venom that flows from McAuliffe's lips has helped the Dems lose three straight election cycles. 2000, 2002 and this year. McAuliffe emboldens and encourages the fringes, and has no idea how to build a winning or reasonable political party. Another step would be for Democrats to disassociate themselves from Michael Moore and The odious filmmaker has slandered America's soldiers and emboldened our enemies with his vile propaganda. His brand of politics is based on lies and a man such as he has no place in the public square. Same with Their contribution to America has been a return of the politics of thuggishness. Anecdotal stories from yesterday's voting suggests volunteers were causing problems with voters. Finally, Democrats need to gain some perspective. The re-election of Bush is not analogous to the ascension of Hitler, as one of my co-workers suggested. It's simply another American election which went to the political party currently in power. Bush does not want to kill your children in Iraq, or cut all benefits to those in need. Bush has no master plan to take away the civil liberties of Americans or form a dictatorship. There are no vast conspiracies involving Halliburton and rich donors. George W. Bush is simply a man who a vast majority of Americans have picked to lead this country. In four years, the country will still be here and we'll pick another citizen from our ranks to do the same job. The hyperventilating on the left over this election is largely a result of their own fevered imaginations and the need they have to create a villain deserving of the intense hatred they feel for the president. The fact that the president bears no resemblance to the caricature they have constructed reveals a weakness in the character of those who hate, not in the man who is the undeserving recipient of that emotion. --------