AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 11/15/2004 09:15:00 AM ----- BODY: Extent of a Victory - This weekend, I was flipping around the channels on cable and came across something that looked political on MTV. It turned out to be a marketing campaign to promote the new album by Eminem. It was actually rather clever. Instead of the usual package of interviews, video clips and screaming teenagers, the new promotion was made to look like a political convention. As I watched, P. Diddy introduced a new song by Eminem, who took the stage and performed his anti-Bush rap, "Mosh." Some of the audience members were mouthing along with the words and others were looking at Mr. Mathers with a rapt adoration. Driving to work this morning, I heard a news report about people leaving or being fired from the CIA. People in that organization were responsible for many of the negative stories and books about the president in the months leading up to the election. At that moment, I realized just how large a victory we won on November 2. The news and entertainment media, the imbedded civil service corps, the international community were all actively working to defeat the president of the United States. We were bombarded with anti-Bush books, movies, songs, news reports, etc and the president still won. This was more than a political victory. It was the public giving the elites a simple message: shut up. We don't want you telling us what to think. Whether the elites will get the message still remains to be seen. --------