AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 11/03/2004 01:30:00 AM ----- BODY: Coverage - Okay, they all finally called the obvious - Florida. It seems Bush is still ahead in Ohio by a slightly larger margin than the networks are saying. The coverage from the major nets, with the exception of Dan Rather's bloviating on CBS, has been surprisingly good. The worst coverage? MSNBC. The live crowd behind them is distracting and how embarrasing must it be for Chris Matthews to have to interview P Diddy about the non-existent youth vote? CNN's coverage is pretty good - a little too quick to call Kerry states, a little too slow to call Bush states, though. Fox's coverage has been good, with the exception of Juan Williams and Susan Estrich. Juan just can't help but spin, and Susan looks and acts as though she's been drinking (and I don't mean coffee). BTW, Fox just called NH for Kerry. Damn those stupid Granite Staters. Let's punish them by taking away their first in the nation primary. --------