AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 10/06/2004 10:04:00 AM ----- BODY: Kerry's Opportunity - Yesterday, someone fired shots into a Bush-Cheney campaign office in Tennessee. Vandals have been defacing lawns in Wisconsin. Union thugs ransack a campaign office in Florida. The left is growing increasingly violent as the election approaches, and John Kerry has remained silent about the behavior of his supporters, as has the media. Does anyone doubt that if it were Republicans engaging in these behaviors that we would have seen multiple stories about conservatism and violence? John Kerry has an opportunity here to appeal to mainstream America by denouncing the violent haters in his own party. So far, he has either remained silent or participated in Bush-hatred, so it's unlikely that he will speak out against violence aimed at supporters of the president he wants to defeat. Senator Kerry has been part of the problem, whipping people into a frenzy of Bush-hatred at his rallies and quietly supporting the efforts of the most odious hater in America. Kerry is not responsible, of course, for the actions of those who support him, but he could certainly do more to denounce such actions perpetrated in his name. That he does not shows a weakness of character and political cowardice. Losing support is more important to him than doing what's right. The Democrats need to be punished for their atrocious behavior of the past four years. The time has come to remove them from all levels of power. This Wictory Wednesday, take a moment to donate or volunteer for the election of Republicans to offices in your area. And when it comes time to vote, don't split your ticket this year. I'm going to vote straight Republican. You should think about doing the same. --------