AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 10/06/2004 09:41:00 AM ----- BODY: Debate Reactions - Most people are declaring Cheney the winner of last night's debate. Many of the posters in "The Corner" were positive overall about the vice president's performance, but some thought he could have been harder on Edwards' experience as a trial lawyer. I disagree. In the one opportunity Edwards was given to talk about his former career, he went into John Grisham character mode and told an icky story about a boy injured by a swimming pool and how he fought the company over a $.02 bolt or something. If Cheney had brought up Edwards' trial lawyer days more specifically, there would probably have been many, many more such stories. Unfortunately, America has a love-hate relationship with trial lawyers, and we enjoy stories about attorneys taking on big companies on behalf of the little guy. Sure, beating up on lawyers would have pleased Republicans watching the debate (I know I would have been happy), but it would have given Edwards a chance to emote, which he does well. The debate last night proved once again that Kerry made a huge mistake in his selection of a running mate. Edwards is too inexperienced and politically shallow to handle the responsibilities of the war on terror, and it showed last night. Kerry would have been better off picking someone like Richard Gephardt, who has some credibility and stature on the issues. His selection of Edwards shows just how much the senator from Massachusetts follows the media, and how little he would lead. --------