AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 10/07/2004 09:25:00 AM ----- BODY: Crushing of Dissent - Maine Democrats continue their battle to keep Ralph Nader off the ballot, despite laughable attempts to pass it off as a personal lawsuit instead of one filed by the party:
Supporters of Sen. John F. Kerry launched a take-no-prisoners assault Wednesday against struggling independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, charging that his attempt to get on the ballot in Maine was illegal and that he had taken thousands of dollars from contributors to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth political action committee. Meanwhile, officials at Maine Democratic Party headquarters insisted an appeal Wednesday by state party Chairwoman Dorothy Melanson to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court challenging Nader's inclusion on the Maine ballot was not intended to represent the party's position on the issue. "This challenge was brought by Dorothy Melanson as an individual, not by the party," said Chris Harris, a spokesman for the state Democratic organization.
So now candidates for political office are going to have their status questioned because they take money from a variety of donors? Sure, some Republicans are probably helping Nader on the ballot for reasons of their own. But this attempt by the Democrats is, well, undemocratic. If they are so sure of their candidate, why are they trying to keep Nader off the ballot? It seems to me their time would be better spent trying to convince voters to mark a ballot for Kerry instead of filing lawsuits against Nader. But that's really the theme of this year's campaign, isn't it? Against, against, against. At this moment, there are probably Democrats hoping against hope that the jobs report due Friday is bad news so they can use it as a political weapon against the president. The economy is in better shape overall than it was when Clinton ran for re-election, but listening to Kerry and Edwards, one could be forgiven for thinking it was the second coming of the Great Depression. Fear, uncertainty, despair. It's what the Democrats have to offer this year. Wouldn't FDR and Kennedy be proud? --------