AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/27/2004 01:18:00 PM ----- BODY: Yup, They're Worried - Senator Edwards visited Maine for the second time this month. If the crowd estimates in the Portland Press Herald are any indication, the Kerry campaign has some work to do in Maine. Lewiston, where Edwards spoke, is a Democrat stronghold in the state. Gore whomped Bush in 2000. Bush only received 5,255 votes to Gore's 9,663. Only 2,500 people showed up for the rally. That Edwards has to visit Lewiston at all is a bad sign. At this point in the campaign, Edwards should be spending his time in the contested areas of battleground states, not areas that are normally reliably Democratic. So far, he's visited Orono, which went heavily Gore in 2000 (Gore: 2,701; Bush: 1,506) and now Lewiston. Neither location shows any great degree of confidence in their ability to sway swing voters - it seems at present they're more interested in rallying the party faithful. The problem is that the party faithful should have been rallied by the convention. That didn't happen, so now Kerry and Edwards are forced to play catch-up. The rhetoric used by Edwards and supporters shows a growing discouragement with the state of the race:
Edwards' speech focused almost exclusively on foreign policy. It comes as he and Kerry are under attack from Bush supporters, who are telling voters a terrorist attack is more likely if they elect the Democratic candidates. "This is an effort to exploit one of the great tragedies in American history, Sept. 11, and use it for personal gain," Edwards said.
And who was standing on stage with Kerry last week? Widows of September 11, perhaps? I guess only one party can "exploit" September 11. Edwards' language is interesting here. Note how he calls September 11, the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, a "tragedy." A tragedy is a hurricane or an earthquake. What happened on September 11 was a cold-blooded attack on civilians by people with an extremist ideology. It was tragic, but not a tragedy. More proof that the Democrats just don't get it. Then there's the obligatory 'they're too dumb to vote for us' comment by a Kerry/Edwards supporter:
Kerry supporters in line to hear Edwards said the race in Maine is close because voters are believing lies coming from the Bush campaign about Iraq, the economy and the national deficit. When voters better understand these issues, Kerry will regain the lead he held earlier this year, they said. "The economy is stronger. That is a lie. The country is safer. That is lie," said Patty Fecteau of Monmouth, as she waited in line.
When voters "better understand" the issues, then Kerry will jump ahead in the polls and race to victory! 'When people just come to their senses' is the subtext here. We're all being brainwashed by the Halliburton-funded media run by the Bushitler shock troops (most of whom are wearing pajamas). Sorry, folks. Conspiracy theories and wishful thinking won't make your guy more appealing than the president. These Democrats just don't want to admit that they nominated the wrong guy for the wrong reasons. Kerry is a terrible candidate - elitist, unappealing and wishy-washy. Even after all this time, some Democrats still haven't gotten the message - not everyone hates Bush as much as you do. Contrary to what Ms. Fecteau wants to believe, the economy is getting stronger. That's part of the reason why Kerry and Edwards have had to switch gears on their campaign and begin talking about Iraq and national security instead of the economic picture. We're not safer? How many terrorist attacks have we had in the United States since September 11? That would be zero. It's obvious that Kerry is an afterthought to those Democrats who still really believe Bush-hatred is enough to win this election. Maybe they should ask George McGovern and Walter Mondale how well playing to the haters worked in their campaigns. --------