AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/16/2004 09:35:00 AM ----- BODY: What a Load of Crap - The CBS statement is breathtaking in its arrogance, bullheadedness and pure partisan stupidity. They have jettisoned every last vestige of their credibility in an attempt to smear the president. It's sad and maddening to watch. I simply cannot believe Dan Rather is allowing his hatred for the Bush family to completely overwhelm his objectivity, his judgment and his intelligence. Anyone with half a brain can see these documents are forgeries - but Rather and the management of CBS news have blinded themselves to that in a desperate attempt to save their behinds. The next-to-last paragraph of the statement is incredible:
Through all of the frenzied debate of the past week, the basic content of the 60 MINUTES Wednesday report - that President Bush received preferential treatment to gain entrance to the Texas Air National Guard and that he may not have fulfilled all of the requirements - has not been substantially challenged.
Of course it hasn't been challenged, you arrogant Kerry rumpswab! The charges are based entirely on FAKE FREAKING DOCUMENTS! Unbelievable! Time to start watching CBS for free. I'm going to still watch the shows, but I'm not going to help their sponsors. Tomorrow, while watching Survivor, I'm going to write down every single advertiser I see, and post them on this site after the show. I'm going to stop spending money where it helps CBS and Viacom. No more Blockbuster (this could be tough) no more Wal-Mart (they advertised on the CBS Evening News), no more Paramount films. CBS has to pay for this, and we have the power to make that happen. So let's get busy and...uh...stop spending money. --------