AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/27/2004 09:28:00 AM ----- BODY: Sunday Times - Lileks has a great piece on bloggers and the Sunday NY Times piece on them this weekend. The reporter only seems to have found time to talk to liberal and mostly inconsequential bloggers instead of those who actually broke the story about Dan Rather's use of fake documents. Like the major media overall, though, the NY Times is no longer about reporting the news, but communicating to the converted:
The Sunday Times is the weekly sermon: let us reinforce your world view, your sense of belonging to the Thinking Class, the Special Ones. Let the Red Staters spend Sunday morning in itchy church clothes at Perkins, dumping syrup all over their pancakes and yelling at little Lurleen not to pour salt down her baby brother's jumper; you're in your elegant spare little apartment with a cup of coffee (frothed on top; sprinkle of nutmeg) and a pastry from that wonderful place around the corner (okay, it's an Au Bon Pain - hell, they're all Bon Pain now) and there's some light jazz on the radio.
The major media is in a bind. It cannot keep preaching to the converted and spreading falsehoods, or the blogosphere will tear false stories apart and it will lose credibility. But it also cannot alienate its liberal viewers, or it will lose viewership and advertising revenue. The question will become what's more important to news executives? Credibility or money? --------