AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/02/2004 11:29:00 PM ----- BODY: The President - Not his best speech, but a very good speech. The laundry list was a bit hard to sit through, but necessary. The last few paragraphs were moving, optimistic and showed that Bush is focused on the future, not the past. Compare Bush's speech tonight with John Kerry's unprecedented (and rather pathetic) pep rally. Kerry is still defending his service of 30 years ago from the "attacks" he sees behind every criticism, while at the same time tearing Bush and Cheney apart for things they did in the 60s and 70s. The man has a glass jaw and a tin ear, and if he continues in this vein, he will lose this election. Which, of course, would be a good thing. Kerry is so focused on himself as a war hero that he's forgotten the purpose of a campaign is to tell people who you are, not who you were. A campaign should be focused on what you'll do, not what you did and should be about what you believe now, not what you accomplished then. John Kerry is a terrible candidate, and would make a terrible president. Hopefully Bush's speech tonight convinced undecideds that Bush deserves a second term. I think Bush will get a bounce from this convention, and Kerry will lose support from those who realize that the senator is not a serious man, despite the serious times. Other, more random, thoughts: Whoever was in charge of security at Madison Square Garden should be fired, then boxed about the ears. TWO protesters were able to interrupt the president's speech? George Pataki isn't a good speaker. Henceforth, he shall be called "Clicheman, Slayer of Rhetoric." (Yes, I'm tired) The media is shameful - the comments after the president spoke were all basically Democrat talking points. Dan Rather, especially, is a crapweasel. I always feel sorry for the poor guy who has to clean all the balloons and confetti. UPDATE AGAIN - What the *&^%# is John Kerry thinking? The president didn't campaign at all during the Democratic National Convention. Kerry didn't show the same restraint, and is now insulting the president: "Now that the president has finally finished his speech..." This guy is a bigger jerk than I'd even imagined. If Bush doesn't get a bounce from the convention, he's going to get one thanks to the lack of decorum shown by Kerry and Edwards. The rally was a mistake - full of stupid comments (Really Not Compassionate? Criminy!) and ungraciousness. If this is the result of the Kerry campaign staff shakeup, then the Dem bench is extremely shallow. The rally is petty and some swing voters will see it. Kerry is doing his damndest to lose this election. Let's all wish him luck. Gads, I hate Edwards' smile. It has that "yes, I'm cute" vibe about it that you normally only see in two-year olds who are up to no good. --------