AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/17/2004 09:02:00 AM ----- BODY: Nice - Kerry supporter steals sign from kid. Tears it up. Laughs at kid while she cries. Another supporter forces a plane to be diverted when he goes into a boozy rage during a political debate. I know a candidate shouldn't be punished for the boorish behavior of his supporters, but don't you think that Kerry and the DNC bear some responsibility for whipping their followers into such a frenzy of Bush-hatred for the past few years? Liberals have accused Bush of lying, stealing the election, wanting a fascist government, being a racist and not loving America. Is it any wonder that these Democrats are starting to become a bit unhinged? If Kerry had any political courage, he would have long ago criticized the extremists in his own party - the Bush haters, the crowd, Michael Moore - but he is so tied to the special interests those people represent that he's afraid to confront them. Contrary to the beliefs of those like Andrew Sullivan, Bush has done a good job of keeping the fringe from defining the Republican party. The Republicans should now put more pressure on Kerry to do the same. It would be pretty cool if the president or a high-level RNC figure were to give that little girl an autographed campaign sign while making the point that Bush-hatred has gone far enough and calling on Kerry to repudiate the extreme wing of the Democratic party. UPDATE - Was the incident with the little girl faked? If so, the father is a crapweasel of the highest order who should have rabid, angry hamsters placed in his trousers. The union that the sign-tearer may belong to has apologized, to their credit. If this guy faked this, he should be torn apart with the same ferocity that we used on Dan Rather. --------