AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/01/2004 09:02:00 AM ----- BODY: Foah Moah Ye-ahs! - Watched Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech last night and couldn't get over the Gov. in front of his name. The speech was good - well delivered, partisan without being angry and completely supportive of the president. As I watched it, I realized a major difference between the left's celebrities and those on the right. Instead of just sitting on the sidelines and carping about issues, Arnold took a chance and ran for public office. Unlike Tim Robbins and Bruce Springsteen, Arnold actually has credibility when he speaks on issues of economics, national security and the state of our nation. That credibility doesn't come from his latest role in a movie or his ability to strum a guitar and belt out a tune. Arnold's credibility was given to him by over 50 percent of the voters of his state. He took a chance and won a hard-fought election. While other celebrities are running their mouths, Arnold is running a state. Let's see Barbara Streisand try that. --------