AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/20/2004 08:43:00 AM ----- BODY: CBS Admits the Obvious? - The NYTimes is reporting that CBS News will admit it was "decieved" about the authenticity of the "Bush AWOL" documents. Frankly, it's too late. If this had come a few days after the report was aired, it might show courage on the part of CBS. They did not, and now they look like desperate, partisan buffoons. CBS has realized there's no one left to defend them, and is only saying this to keep from losing every scrap of credibility they built over decades. It won't work, and CBS has to do more. Dan Rather, John Roberts, Mary Mapes and Andrew Heyward should go. They have all been complicit in perpetuating this fraud against the president, and against the American people. All of them should apologize on the air, then be fired. No pension, no golden parachute - just goodbye. Then CBS should aggressively report where they got the memos and why a major story was based on the testimony of so many Democratic partisans. It's time to start protecting the brand again and restoring faith in CBS news. They have to correct their mistake, and once again prove their objectivity. Finally, Bernard Goldberg should be put in charge of CBS news. He's a critic of the news, but is a good reporter and knows the value of fairness in reporting. Plus, putting someone like him in charge of the news division would help ferret out those who allow their partisanship or ideology to trump fairness in reporting. CBS can't get away by just apologizing and moving on. This fraud has to have a price. --------