AUTHOR: Slublog DATE: 9/21/2004 09:35:00 AM ----- BODY: Blogger Rant - Yes, I know it's a free program. Yes I know there's no other way for people to read my angry drivel. Still, one would think they could keep blogspot running smoothly most of the time. It seems to be buggier than any MS program, and that's saying something. Maybe the Dan Rather brought low by blogs story has created a whole new wave of web publishers. Or maybe the internet is finally collapsing. Either way, there won't be a lot of posting today, as it took me long enough just to get this window to open. Maybe later, if I can pull myself away from this and this. Okay, time for a link dump:
Allah is still on fire with his reporting on the CBS forgery story. So is Hugh. The Kerry Spot says Kerry bombed on Letterman. Well, duh. When I think "funny" the words "wealthy elitist patrician senator from New England" don't exactly come to mind. Jonah Goldberg has a good retort to war critics who complain about the progress in Iraq. If you haven't visited Real Clear Politics yet, then you're missing out. Finally, John Edwards, writing in USA Today, offers the best reason yet why he and Kerry shouldn't be put in charge. The title of the piece? "We Have a Better Plan." In actuality, there is very little about their plan, and a lot of criticism of the president. Negative, negative, negative. Why did Kerry pick this lightweight again?
Enjoy. --------